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Friday, 20 November 2015

Mini winter candle haul!

 Hey Guys!
So at the weekend I went shopping with my friend and I picked up some Winter themed candles. I was going to call it Christmas candles but I didn't really think it was appropriate so yeah.
Firstly I got one called "Honey Glow" (BTW these are all by Yankee Candle). This one smells amazing! It is quite sweet but I wouldn't really say  that it smells like honey. I's the one that looks like a caramel colour. Sorry if this isn't a very good description but it is really hard to right down what it smells like. All I can say is that it smells really nice and cosy and if you ever see this candle just give it a quick smell!
Next are two kind of christmassy themed ones. The first one is "Cranberry Pear". It smells really fruity and a little bit earthy and cinnamony. When I got home and smelt it, it didn't smell as good as it did in the shop but it still smells nice. I think it would be really nice when it's burning away and wouldn't be as strong as it smells in the packet.
The second christmassy themed candle is called"Candy Cane Lane". I heard about this first on zoella's channel so when I saw it in the shop I went straight to it. As you can imagine it smells minty but surprisingly it isn't that strong on the minty side and it is actually quite sweet smelling.
I absolutely can't wait to burn all of these candles and of course I cannot wait till Christmas! Only 34 days now!
Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know in the comments if you have any of these candles and what you think about them!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Morning routine for school!

Hey Guys!

Today I thought I would run you through my morning routine for school! I may do one for the weekend in the near future which will be a lot more lazy and relaxed!

To start with, I usually get woken up by my Dad, or by my alarm at 6:40. I set myself three different alarms. This works for some people, like me, but sometimes I think setting one realistic alarm may be better than gradually training yourself to turn the first few off. I set one alarm which is too early (6:40), one which is realistic(6:55), and one that basically says great your late!(7:05) I usually wake up on the early one and get up on the middle one. I try to leave myself at least an hour to get ready as this is how long it usually takes me.

Once I have dragged myself out of bed, I wash. Most of the time, I either shower or wash out of the sink but I don't usually cleanse my face properly on a weekday in the mornings as it saves time. After cleaning my face and body, I get dressed. My school uniform is pretty boring because its mainly black and white.
Next, I will put on my make up. I don't really wear much make up to school because we aren't allowed. I just put on a bit of foundation, concealer, powder and lip gloss. If it is summertime or winter, I may put on a touch of bronzer or blusher to give my face a bit of seasonal colour.
After that, I double check I have my equipment and all my books for the day. I pack my bag the night before but always leave some time in the morning to double check my timetable and make sure I have everything.

I now go downstairs and have breakfast. My favourite is a chocolate pancake but I do like to have cereal sometimes too!
Once I have brushed my teeth, I take my lunch box and drink out of the fridge or make sure I have money to go to the canteen. My mum makes my lunch for me the night before so it is ready in the morning which is very nice!
Now that I am ready, I check this blog and social media (@ellalucy1020 twitter) before putting on my blazer, grabbing my phone and keys ready to head out of the house!

Hope you all enjoyed this! Get ready for a lot more frequent and christmassy blogs in December. Love you all and I will blog again soon!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Playlists!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favourite Christmas songs! As it is November, I have my Christmas playlist and am already listening to it! I just want to share my top 10 Christmas songs with you that I feel are playlist essentials! (This will probably end up sounding like a music award ceremony!)

At number 10 I have been loving Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo by Alma Cogan. Some people say this isn't very a christmassy and is weird but I find it a really fun, upbeat song that gets you in the chirstmas party mood!

Next I love Let It Snow by Dean Martin. I'm listening to this right now even though its windy and rainy but that's as close as I have to snow at the moment! It makes me feel really warm, cosy and christmassy. I also think this is good to sing to with friends or as a bit of background music.

At number 8 is Driving home for Christmas! Obviously, this is a lovely song for the end of school or work before christmas but I also love to listen to it whilst I decorate by room and the tree!

Next is Deck the Halls! This is again a upbeat christmassy song that really gets me in the christmas spirit. Listening to this whilst rapping tinsel around a tree just reminds me that christmas is near and that I cant wait for it!

Now, I have been loving Do they know its Christmas by Band Aid! This is in my top 10 because without it, christmas just wouldn't be the same. For me, when I hear this song, I just think CHRISTMAS and I love it!!!

Next at number 5, is Step Into christmas! I used to not really like this song and be like meh okay whenever I heard it but recently, I've been loving it! Its just a really happy fun song too listen too at christmas!

At number 4 (getting closer!) is Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day! This song is amaazing! It makes me feel like christmas is so soon! I think this is a great song to listen too whilst you eat christmas dinner and prepare for guests! Its a must have for your playlist!

In third place is Fairytale of New York. This is a lot of peoples favourite but only third for me! Nevertheless, I still love it so much and it is one of the best christmas songs EVER!

Number 2 is Have yourself a merry little christmas! This song has to taken 2nd place as it is the song that makes me feel the most excited and happy for christmas! It reminds me of great past Christmases and makes me look forward to the next christmas!

And at number favourite christmas song of all time....Merry Christmas Everyone! This song is just brilliant and amazing and fabulous! I love it so much and christmas without listening to this song wouldn't be complete! I know some of you may disagree with this but its just my opinion.

That's it for this blog! Hope you all enjoyed and may now have a few more songs to put on your christmas playlist! Love you all and we really do appreciate every view we get! Comment any of your favourite songs I may have missed!


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bath collection!

Hey Guys,
Again apologies that I haven't uploaded in a while!
I was meant to upload this ages ago but I've been really busy with revision. So the first picture is just the sunrise that happened one morning that I thought was really just amazing so I thought I would take a quick picture of it!
I had a bath recently and used one of the bath bombs I have from lush. The bath bomb that I used and is in the picture is called "Think Pink" and it smells amazing in the bath. As you can tell it turns the water pink and as it dissolves paper hearts come out which I thought was a really nice addition.
While I was at it I thought I would show you all my bath bombs/fizzers. So I have "Zoellas Fragranced bath fizzer" called "Fresh Fizz". To me the scent reminds me of summer because I used her Body wash when I was in Italy so it brings back happy memories.
The other two came in a scent and the bath bomb one is called "Twilight" again it's by Lush. Don't really know what this is going to be like but I'm sure you'll find out when I use it. The one next to it in the star shape is called "Rock Star" again by Lush and I think it's a soap. I'm so excited to try these Lush things!
Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed!


Christmas Shopping!

Hi Guys!

First  of all I'm so sorry I haven't posted in ages, lots of homework means not much blogging time but trying to stay on top of it from now on! Second of all this picture IS NOT my picture. My camera isn't focusing at the moment so had to take to google images!

Anyway! As you all know, Halloween and bonfire night have now been so I am beginning to feel Christmassy! It's probably really only me but let me know I you are too!

Recently, I went to an arts and crafts centre which had an amazing Christmas shop! Of course, I wanted to by every thing there but I only brought a few things! I brought two Christmas candles because I do love my candles! One was by Heaven Essence and its just called apple and cinnamon. I love this as it smells very much like Christmas eve! The other one just is in a really cute box which says "Have yourself a merry little Christmas!" on it! This smells of roasted chestnuts which originally wasn't a smell that sounded really that nice but when I actually smelt it, it was AMAZING! I this smell is perfect with a hot chocolate whilst listening to Christmas songs and it really sets the mood.

Next, I went to Trentham Gardens which is brilliant at Christmas so if you are ever in Stoke on Trent, I highly recommend you go there! The shop is massive and is already is full of Christmas stuff so as you can imagine it was like a dream come true. Whilst I was there, I brought some glittery, silver icicles. This year my tree colour theme is more purple and silvery so these are going to perfect and I love how they look on the tree. I also brought a red plaque that says "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" on it. (If you can't tell its my favourite Christmas quote!) It is glittery red with glittery silver writing. It will go on my door nearer to Christmas to add to the Christmas spirit!

Hope you enjoyed and are feeling just a little bit more Christmassy! Love you all!


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Favorites!

Hey guys!
Today ,because it is the end of October, I thought I would would share with you guys what I have been enjoying this October.
So firstly (this is a bit random BTW) is this post it note holder that just basically has a load of post it notes in it. I find this really useful for things like little reminders or organizing my homework diary. I think I got this from "The works" but I'm not to sure so don't take my word for it.
Next is obviously Zoella's new book. Loved it- don't want to give too much away in case you haven't got to read it yet. But yeah I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down till I finished it. I got this from Tesco if you didn't know where to get it.
Next I have two lipsticks that I have really been enjoying. One is by Nivea and it's "Fruity shine" peach flavour. I love this, if you ask any of my friends at school i'm always putting it on. It smells amazing and you can get it from "Boots" where it is super cheap. I first heard of this from "VelvetGh0st" after watching one of her videos, so thank you Gabby! The second one is by N07 and it's called Ginger rose. I think you already know about this one from previous blogs so I won't go into too much detail about it. So if your looking for an autumn colour or a winter colour that isn't too dark this is a perfect colour. I also got this from Boots.
Next is the Essie Nail polish. Again I've already mentioned this in previous blogs but I wore this all through the half-term that we just had so yeah another favourite. Honestly I don't really wear Nail polish because usually I just pick it off but the last time I put it on I didn't so that was quite good. The name of it is "In Stitches" and I got this from Boots.
Next is a foundation that I bought recently after my other one ran out. It's by Bourjois and it's the healthy mix syrum in "light bronze". I took this home as a tester and it looked fine so I bought it and realized the shade was too dark but I still use it and try to get away with it. But I really like it and it has a good coverage so if your looking for a new foundation you might want to try this one. I wear this at school where I'm not allowed make-up and I get away with it! I think the main treason I like it is because it is subtle and I don't want to look like I have my foundation caked on, so yeah.I bought this at Boots.
So next is the Pearl and beauty antiperspirant by Nivea. It smells really fresh and gets rid of those sweat patches. I used to use a spray which I found didn't really work for me so the roll is much better. I think I got this from boots.
Next is something that Zoella mentioned in one of her favorites and I really wanted to get it so my mum bought it for me by surprise. Anyway it's called kukui  oil and It's the shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels amazing every time I use it and even my mum used it and she said it made her hair feel like velvet! Again I got this from Boots (You can tell I like boots!)
Last but not least is my new candle "Crisp apple". Haven't stopped burning it since I bought it. Love it! Won't go in to too much detail as I talked about them in my last blog.
 So I hope you guys enjoyed this blog- It is quite a long one! Let me know if you have any of these items and tell me what you think!
Q- What have you been enjoying recently!
      Leave your answer in the comments!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Candles and Imax!

Hey guys!
I hope you all had a lovely Halloween! As Lucy said I was really busy and I didn't get a chance to blog so I'm sorry about that!
Anyway I think Lucy went back to school today but I go back tomorrow so I thought I would blog. Yesterday me and my family went to Resort World in Birmingham. It's new so we went to go and check it out. It has a load of outlet shops which if you don't know what they are it's basically the same shops but for cheaper prices. I LOVE my candles so of course I had to buy some and I was going past Hallmarks and saw a display of candles. At first I thought they were Yankee Candles because they  had the same packaging which was really weird. When I took a closer look it said they were "Village Candles". Apparently they have something to do with Yankee so yeah. Anyways I bought 3 little tester ones in case I didn't like them . I bought Cherry Blossom, which is the pink one, it smells like spring and summer so I'm not sure I'm going to burn it in Autumn/Winter. But it's really sweet and fresh and It's the type of candle I usually go for. Next I got "Nantucket Cranberry" and it's purple. This one is a really nice winter one I personally think . Obviously it smells like cranberries but it isn't really full on and I think it is quite a strong scent but to have it burning and for it to cover the whole room it won't be too bad. Next I got one called "Crisp apple" and omg it smells exactly like apples it's crazy. I know it's obviously meant to smell like that but it's so spot on it's just wow. I'm burning this one now and it's making my room smell gorgeous! I also got a candle holder which you burn the candles in and I wanted one that would go with my room and the one I got could go with anything. It's basically little glass and mirror shards that are "glued" together with a light stone I guess, so I really like that.
After we had a look around the shops we went to watch Spectre at the new Imax cinema where we went and I won't give too much away about the film but it was really good and I would really recommend watching it. Also the Imax cinema was really cool. The screen was massive and the sound was really good. Also a little bonus is the seats which were super comfy!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed today's Blog! Sorry that It's so long! I have to go and revise now sadly!
Q- Do you like candles? If so which is your favourite and why?