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Friday, 20 November 2015

Mini winter candle haul!

 Hey Guys!
So at the weekend I went shopping with my friend and I picked up some Winter themed candles. I was going to call it Christmas candles but I didn't really think it was appropriate so yeah.
Firstly I got one called "Honey Glow" (BTW these are all by Yankee Candle). This one smells amazing! It is quite sweet but I wouldn't really say  that it smells like honey. I's the one that looks like a caramel colour. Sorry if this isn't a very good description but it is really hard to right down what it smells like. All I can say is that it smells really nice and cosy and if you ever see this candle just give it a quick smell!
Next are two kind of christmassy themed ones. The first one is "Cranberry Pear". It smells really fruity and a little bit earthy and cinnamony. When I got home and smelt it, it didn't smell as good as it did in the shop but it still smells nice. I think it would be really nice when it's burning away and wouldn't be as strong as it smells in the packet.
The second christmassy themed candle is called"Candy Cane Lane". I heard about this first on zoella's channel so when I saw it in the shop I went straight to it. As you can imagine it smells minty but surprisingly it isn't that strong on the minty side and it is actually quite sweet smelling.
I absolutely can't wait to burn all of these candles and of course I cannot wait till Christmas! Only 34 days now!
Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know in the comments if you have any of these candles and what you think about them!

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