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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Playlists!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favourite Christmas songs! As it is November, I have my Christmas playlist and am already listening to it! I just want to share my top 10 Christmas songs with you that I feel are playlist essentials! (This will probably end up sounding like a music award ceremony!)

At number 10 I have been loving Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo by Alma Cogan. Some people say this isn't very a christmassy and is weird but I find it a really fun, upbeat song that gets you in the chirstmas party mood!

Next I love Let It Snow by Dean Martin. I'm listening to this right now even though its windy and rainy but that's as close as I have to snow at the moment! It makes me feel really warm, cosy and christmassy. I also think this is good to sing to with friends or as a bit of background music.

At number 8 is Driving home for Christmas! Obviously, this is a lovely song for the end of school or work before christmas but I also love to listen to it whilst I decorate by room and the tree!

Next is Deck the Halls! This is again a upbeat christmassy song that really gets me in the christmas spirit. Listening to this whilst rapping tinsel around a tree just reminds me that christmas is near and that I cant wait for it!

Now, I have been loving Do they know its Christmas by Band Aid! This is in my top 10 because without it, christmas just wouldn't be the same. For me, when I hear this song, I just think CHRISTMAS and I love it!!!

Next at number 5, is Step Into christmas! I used to not really like this song and be like meh okay whenever I heard it but recently, I've been loving it! Its just a really happy fun song too listen too at christmas!

At number 4 (getting closer!) is Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day! This song is amaazing! It makes me feel like christmas is so soon! I think this is a great song to listen too whilst you eat christmas dinner and prepare for guests! Its a must have for your playlist!

In third place is Fairytale of New York. This is a lot of peoples favourite but only third for me! Nevertheless, I still love it so much and it is one of the best christmas songs EVER!

Number 2 is Have yourself a merry little christmas! This song has to taken 2nd place as it is the song that makes me feel the most excited and happy for christmas! It reminds me of great past Christmases and makes me look forward to the next christmas!

And at number favourite christmas song of all time....Merry Christmas Everyone! This song is just brilliant and amazing and fabulous! I love it so much and christmas without listening to this song wouldn't be complete! I know some of you may disagree with this but its just my opinion.

That's it for this blog! Hope you all enjoyed and may now have a few more songs to put on your christmas playlist! Love you all and we really do appreciate every view we get! Comment any of your favourite songs I may have missed!


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