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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Favorites!

Hey guys!
Today ,because it is the end of October, I thought I would would share with you guys what I have been enjoying this October.
So firstly (this is a bit random BTW) is this post it note holder that just basically has a load of post it notes in it. I find this really useful for things like little reminders or organizing my homework diary. I think I got this from "The works" but I'm not to sure so don't take my word for it.
Next is obviously Zoella's new book. Loved it- don't want to give too much away in case you haven't got to read it yet. But yeah I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down till I finished it. I got this from Tesco if you didn't know where to get it.
Next I have two lipsticks that I have really been enjoying. One is by Nivea and it's "Fruity shine" peach flavour. I love this, if you ask any of my friends at school i'm always putting it on. It smells amazing and you can get it from "Boots" where it is super cheap. I first heard of this from "VelvetGh0st" after watching one of her videos, so thank you Gabby! The second one is by N07 and it's called Ginger rose. I think you already know about this one from previous blogs so I won't go into too much detail about it. So if your looking for an autumn colour or a winter colour that isn't too dark this is a perfect colour. I also got this from Boots.
Next is the Essie Nail polish. Again I've already mentioned this in previous blogs but I wore this all through the half-term that we just had so yeah another favourite. Honestly I don't really wear Nail polish because usually I just pick it off but the last time I put it on I didn't so that was quite good. The name of it is "In Stitches" and I got this from Boots.
Next is a foundation that I bought recently after my other one ran out. It's by Bourjois and it's the healthy mix syrum in "light bronze". I took this home as a tester and it looked fine so I bought it and realized the shade was too dark but I still use it and try to get away with it. But I really like it and it has a good coverage so if your looking for a new foundation you might want to try this one. I wear this at school where I'm not allowed make-up and I get away with it! I think the main treason I like it is because it is subtle and I don't want to look like I have my foundation caked on, so yeah.I bought this at Boots.
So next is the Pearl and beauty antiperspirant by Nivea. It smells really fresh and gets rid of those sweat patches. I used to use a spray which I found didn't really work for me so the roll is much better. I think I got this from boots.
Next is something that Zoella mentioned in one of her favorites and I really wanted to get it so my mum bought it for me by surprise. Anyway it's called kukui  oil and It's the shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels amazing every time I use it and even my mum used it and she said it made her hair feel like velvet! Again I got this from Boots (You can tell I like boots!)
Last but not least is my new candle "Crisp apple". Haven't stopped burning it since I bought it. Love it! Won't go in to too much detail as I talked about them in my last blog.
 So I hope you guys enjoyed this blog- It is quite a long one! Let me know if you have any of these items and tell me what you think!
Q- What have you been enjoying recently!
      Leave your answer in the comments!

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