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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Morning routine for school!

Hey Guys!

Today I thought I would run you through my morning routine for school! I may do one for the weekend in the near future which will be a lot more lazy and relaxed!

To start with, I usually get woken up by my Dad, or by my alarm at 6:40. I set myself three different alarms. This works for some people, like me, but sometimes I think setting one realistic alarm may be better than gradually training yourself to turn the first few off. I set one alarm which is too early (6:40), one which is realistic(6:55), and one that basically says great your late!(7:05) I usually wake up on the early one and get up on the middle one. I try to leave myself at least an hour to get ready as this is how long it usually takes me.

Once I have dragged myself out of bed, I wash. Most of the time, I either shower or wash out of the sink but I don't usually cleanse my face properly on a weekday in the mornings as it saves time. After cleaning my face and body, I get dressed. My school uniform is pretty boring because its mainly black and white.
Next, I will put on my make up. I don't really wear much make up to school because we aren't allowed. I just put on a bit of foundation, concealer, powder and lip gloss. If it is summertime or winter, I may put on a touch of bronzer or blusher to give my face a bit of seasonal colour.
After that, I double check I have my equipment and all my books for the day. I pack my bag the night before but always leave some time in the morning to double check my timetable and make sure I have everything.

I now go downstairs and have breakfast. My favourite is a chocolate pancake but I do like to have cereal sometimes too!
Once I have brushed my teeth, I take my lunch box and drink out of the fridge or make sure I have money to go to the canteen. My mum makes my lunch for me the night before so it is ready in the morning which is very nice!
Now that I am ready, I check this blog and social media (@ellalucy1020 twitter) before putting on my blazer, grabbing my phone and keys ready to head out of the house!

Hope you all enjoyed this! Get ready for a lot more frequent and christmassy blogs in December. Love you all and I will blog again soon!

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