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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas Shopping!

Hi Guys!

First  of all I'm so sorry I haven't posted in ages, lots of homework means not much blogging time but trying to stay on top of it from now on! Second of all this picture IS NOT my picture. My camera isn't focusing at the moment so had to take to google images!

Anyway! As you all know, Halloween and bonfire night have now been so I am beginning to feel Christmassy! It's probably really only me but let me know I you are too!

Recently, I went to an arts and crafts centre which had an amazing Christmas shop! Of course, I wanted to by every thing there but I only brought a few things! I brought two Christmas candles because I do love my candles! One was by Heaven Essence and its just called apple and cinnamon. I love this as it smells very much like Christmas eve! The other one just is in a really cute box which says "Have yourself a merry little Christmas!" on it! This smells of roasted chestnuts which originally wasn't a smell that sounded really that nice but when I actually smelt it, it was AMAZING! I this smell is perfect with a hot chocolate whilst listening to Christmas songs and it really sets the mood.

Next, I went to Trentham Gardens which is brilliant at Christmas so if you are ever in Stoke on Trent, I highly recommend you go there! The shop is massive and is already is full of Christmas stuff so as you can imagine it was like a dream come true. Whilst I was there, I brought some glittery, silver icicles. This year my tree colour theme is more purple and silvery so these are going to perfect and I love how they look on the tree. I also brought a red plaque that says "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" on it. (If you can't tell its my favourite Christmas quote!) It is glittery red with glittery silver writing. It will go on my door nearer to Christmas to add to the Christmas spirit!

Hope you enjoyed and are feeling just a little bit more Christmassy! Love you all!


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