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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bath collection!

Hey Guys,
Again apologies that I haven't uploaded in a while!
I was meant to upload this ages ago but I've been really busy with revision. So the first picture is just the sunrise that happened one morning that I thought was really just amazing so I thought I would take a quick picture of it!
I had a bath recently and used one of the bath bombs I have from lush. The bath bomb that I used and is in the picture is called "Think Pink" and it smells amazing in the bath. As you can tell it turns the water pink and as it dissolves paper hearts come out which I thought was a really nice addition.
While I was at it I thought I would show you all my bath bombs/fizzers. So I have "Zoellas Fragranced bath fizzer" called "Fresh Fizz". To me the scent reminds me of summer because I used her Body wash when I was in Italy so it brings back happy memories.
The other two came in a scent and the bath bomb one is called "Twilight" again it's by Lush. Don't really know what this is going to be like but I'm sure you'll find out when I use it. The one next to it in the star shape is called "Rock Star" again by Lush and I think it's a soap. I'm so excited to try these Lush things!
Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed!


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