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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bath & Body Works haul |Ella & Lucy

Hey guys!
My parents went to New York recently and I asked for some things from Bath & Body Works because you can't get things from there in the UK. I was so, so excited when I saw the bag of goodies they had got me. What I love is that they are all spring and summer scents which is perfect for right now. My favorite is probably the Honolulu candle because it smells amazing.
The first things they got were a body lotion, a shower gel and a body mist. It smells so sweet and fresh but I have to admit it can get sickly if you use too much. The body lotion goes onto your skin so nicely and blends in quickly whilst moisturizing which is what I personally like in a body lotion. I haven't tried the shower gel yet.
The next thing they got me were two "Pocketbac" antibacterial hand gel. They also got me a case for it so that I can hang it onto my school bag which I think is the best idea ever. I'm currently using the 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' one at the moment and it smells really fresh and flowery. The second one they got me was called 'Raspberry pink peony'. Even though it's called raspberry it smells a bit like strawberries, but it is still an amazing scent.If you ever go to a Bath & Body Works shop I would definitely recommend looking at the pocketbac's. It's weird because in England antibacterial hand gel smells all the same yet these ones smell like they should.
Lastly, they got me three mini candles. I haven't started using them yet but I cannot wait to! The packaging is probably the best bit for me. These candles would suit any room design which is a plus. The first one I got is called 'Watermelon Lemonade'. As you can imagine it is quite fruity but also sweet and it is made for summer (literally). The next one is called 'Mango Dragon fruit' and guess what, it smells like mango and passion fruit. I would really recommend this candle if you like mango scents.I also love the bright orange colour of it. Last but not least, my favourite which is called 'Honolulu sun'. I love coconut scents so I love this one but it isn't too overpowering because there is also a fruity scent in there. I would definitely recommend you to give that one a smell if you see it.
That is it for my Bath & Body Works haul, I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you soon!
Thanks for reading!
Ps. Let me know if you have any of these products and how you feel about them.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

Happy Easter! I hope you all are having a wonderful time wherever you are and whether you celebrate Easter or not! This will be quite a short blog but I just want to talk about some fun things you could get up to today or in the holidays for Easter.

First of all is Easter baking! I love Easter baking and my favourite thing to make is good old Easter nests! These are such a classic at Easter and they are super simple. They are perfect for all ages and there is no oven cooking needed! There are loads of videos online on how to make these so you can just search it on YouTube or Google. Also, you don't have to put mini eggs in the middle if you don't want to, I have made some with Galaxy Golden Eggs (which I am obsessed with!) and they were just as amazing! Of course there are many other Easter bakes such as the ones shown in Zoella's new video. I will put a link to the video at the bottom of he post if you want to watch it to see some more yummy Easter treats!

Another great thing to do on in the Easter holidays is an egg hunt. I love egg hunts because they can be inside or outside and you can just find them as quick as possible or have clues! Also, you can really get creative and come up with a whole story to go along side the hunt. This can make it more exciting especially for younger children. I think writing the clues, if you have them, in Easter cards makes it more special and is just a bit different.

So those are my two favourite things to do in the Easter holidays or on Easter day itself. I hope you enjoyed this post and will do some of the activities yourself! If you do, be sure to send us pictures of them or just pictures of any interesting Easter activities you get up to! Love you all lots and will blog again soon! Bye!


Zoe's Easter baking video -

Friday, 11 March 2016

Simple Skincare Review! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

So I know I have recently done a post about the Balance Me skincare but I brought loads of Simple products that I am very pleased with so wanted to share them with you too. At least you will have more than one recommendation to get your skin looking amazing!

First of all, I want to talk about the 'Kind to skin, moisturising facial wash'. I had heard a lot of people recommend this and so wanted to try it out for myself! So far, it is working well and has really helped clear my skin and help with redness. Of course I have to use it for a bit longer to see full results but I'm sure that I wont be disappointed!

Next is the 'Kind to skin, smoothing facial scrub'. I love scrubs and find they really help sooth and smooth your skin. This is no exception! I use this once and week and my skin has been looking and feeling so much more healthy and alive. It isn't a hard rough scrub but you can still tell its doing something when you put it on which I like!

Now onto the 'Rapid action, spot zapper'. By the name of this product, it sounded quite extreme and harsh so I didn't really know whether it would be for me but I was so wrong! I love this product and it is a great cheaper alternative from the Balance Me serum if you don't want to spend as much. It isn't harsh at all and is just a smooth clear skin serum that I find helps minimise my collection of spots! It comes out in a kind of roller ball way like a roll on deodorant but smaller! I love this because it means you just roll it onto your fingers or straight on your face and so don't have to worry about putting too much on. (A very frequent problem of mine!)

Finally, I have the 'Kind to eyes, eye make up remover'. I know I've mentioned this product before but for those of you who don't know, I use this (along with a cotton wool pad of course!) to remove all of my make up. Yes, I know I says eyes at least two times on the bottle but I just find it doesn't dry out my skin and works fine for me as an all over cleanser. Plus I love the fact that it is a water cleaner and not gel which tends to make my face feel a bit more sticky! Overall, I love this product and it never disappoints!

Hope you all enjoyed this little skincare chat/review and will try some of these products out yourself! Be sure to let me know on twitter (@ellalucy1020) what you think of them! Will blog again soon!!


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lips, Lips, Lips! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to talk about some of my current favourite lip sticks and lip gloss! Some of these I have mentioned before or have mentioned purchasing them but I am going to talk about them in this post as well in case you missed them before.

First of all is lip gloss! I have been loving the Bbox lip gloss recently. I don't think they have  particular colour names but this one in 3rd from the right in the picture and is a lovely rosy pink colour. It looks quite vibrant and strongly pigmented but it isn't so I often wear it to school. However you can build up the colour to the colour on the picture if you want! The next lip gloss is No7 high shine. I have mentioned this before and got it in a gift pack from boots. It is another buildable colour so perfect for every occasion. It stays on really well so you don't have to keep re-applying it! It is definitely one of my favourite lip products! Next is my trusty Tanya Burr lip gloss in the colour 'I Found Nemo'. I love this sooo much! The colour is a beautiful shade of pink and it comes out the colour it shows. The applicator is a really good size so one stroke colours all of the lip. It stays on for ages and is perfect for nights out. Finally, I have two Benefit products. One is a lip gloss and one is a lip stain. The lip gloss is my favourite lip gloss at the moment without a doubt. I'm wearing it pretty much everyday because it has such a gorgeous natural shine and a light pink shade. It goes on really easily as well as moisturising your lips. I got it in a set by Benefit called  Feelin' Dandy and I think the actual lip gloss is called Dandelion Ultra Plush. I just love it so much! The lip stain is a lip and cheek stain called Poise Tint. It is a lip and cheek stain but I prefer it is a lip stain. It came in the same set as the lip gloss and is an amazing shade of dark pink however it isn't that strong. It applies a bit like a nail varnish with a brush. I know that sounds weird but it isn't when you try it!

Now onto the two lip sticks! I only have two in here and they are both No7 so they are very well priced! I don't tend to use lip sticks as much but when I do it is always these! They are both Stay Perfect lip sticks so they are moisturising