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Monday, 2 November 2015

Candles and Imax!

Hey guys!
I hope you all had a lovely Halloween! As Lucy said I was really busy and I didn't get a chance to blog so I'm sorry about that!
Anyway I think Lucy went back to school today but I go back tomorrow so I thought I would blog. Yesterday me and my family went to Resort World in Birmingham. It's new so we went to go and check it out. It has a load of outlet shops which if you don't know what they are it's basically the same shops but for cheaper prices. I LOVE my candles so of course I had to buy some and I was going past Hallmarks and saw a display of candles. At first I thought they were Yankee Candles because they  had the same packaging which was really weird. When I took a closer look it said they were "Village Candles". Apparently they have something to do with Yankee so yeah. Anyways I bought 3 little tester ones in case I didn't like them . I bought Cherry Blossom, which is the pink one, it smells like spring and summer so I'm not sure I'm going to burn it in Autumn/Winter. But it's really sweet and fresh and It's the type of candle I usually go for. Next I got "Nantucket Cranberry" and it's purple. This one is a really nice winter one I personally think . Obviously it smells like cranberries but it isn't really full on and I think it is quite a strong scent but to have it burning and for it to cover the whole room it won't be too bad. Next I got one called "Crisp apple" and omg it smells exactly like apples it's crazy. I know it's obviously meant to smell like that but it's so spot on it's just wow. I'm burning this one now and it's making my room smell gorgeous! I also got a candle holder which you burn the candles in and I wanted one that would go with my room and the one I got could go with anything. It's basically little glass and mirror shards that are "glued" together with a light stone I guess, so I really like that.
After we had a look around the shops we went to watch Spectre at the new Imax cinema where we went and I won't give too much away about the film but it was really good and I would really recommend watching it. Also the Imax cinema was really cool. The screen was massive and the sound was really good. Also a little bonus is the seats which were super comfy!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed today's Blog! Sorry that It's so long! I have to go and revise now sadly!
Q- Do you like candles? If so which is your favourite and why?

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