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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Hey Guys!

Just a short blog today to say happy Halloween! Hope you are all having a great day and are looking forward to whatever you may be doing this evening! I am going round to a friends house for fireworks which I am most excited about! My favourite thing about Halloween is the atmosphere and when you get trick or treaters knocking at your door. Let me know what your favourite thing is in the comments bellow or on twitter @ellalucy1020 .

The candle I have in the picture above is by Yankee Candle and it is called 'Candy Corn'. There was another candle in the shop called 'Witches Brew' but it was more of a spicy scent and I preferred the sweetness of this one. The little pot it is in was quite cheap and it is the pot the candle was in on display. I think the two go very nicely together. You may want to pick up the tea light pack of them as well to add a scent to your pumpkin but I just brought the one!

The Halloween chocolates were very cheap and you can get them in loads of places such as WH Smith, Poundland, The Works, Clintons and many more! I just feel in a little bowl in the middle of the party table or just as a Halloweeny snack in the living room, they really add to the atmosphere! Basically, they are edible and Halloween themed so I love them!

Ella may not be able to blog today as she is very busy but happy Halloween from both of us and we hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween cake! - Food

Hey guys!

Recently, me and my brother made this wacky Halloween cake! I love cake and icing so I knew I would like it! Apart from some of the decorations, its really quite simple.

The ingredients you will need for the cake are:
200g sugar
200g butter
200g self-raising flour
4 medium eggs.

To start with, pre-heat your oven to 170 degrees. Then mix the sugar and the butter until you have a creamy mixture. You can do this with a wooden spoon or an electric mixer. Next crack and add the eggs, making sure to get no shell in. After each egg add a bit of the flour and mix well. Once all of the ingredients are in mix the mixture until it is creamy once again. Divide the mixture evenly into two cake tins and put in the oven at 170 degrees for 20 minutes.

Whilst your cake is cooking, I start on the icing. The ingredients you will need are:
Yellow food colouring
Red food colouring
About 200g of icing sugar
2 table spoons of water

First mix the icing sugar with the water. Use the measurements above but you may have to add a bit more of either one. My tactic is just to keep mixing until you get a creamy consistency. When the mixture is just right, add the food colouring. About two drops of red and 6 of yellow should make the right Halloweeny orange but add what you need until you have the desired colour. Put you bowl to the side for now but keep mixing every so often so it doesn't set!

By now the cakes should be ready so take them carefully pout of the oven and out of the tins. Place them on a cooling rack to cool before applying any icing. When they have cooled, sandwich the two flat sides (you may have to cut a bit off to make it flat) together with either jam, butter icing or chocolate butter icing. I used chocolate butter icing but its really up to you! When this is done you can pour or spoon on the orange icing so it drips slightly around the edge like in the picture. Spread it evenly making sure it is a smooth surface.

This next part is optional but I really feel it makes the cake complete. Pumpkins, Spiders and sprinkles! I made the cauldron, pumpkin, hat and spider with ready to roll fondant icing. I just find that this is really easy to mould. I recommend using a bit of flour and water to keep it all together though. Stick on your models whilst the icing is still a bit sticky and damp. Finish of with some dark sprinkles and your Halloween centrepiece is complete!

Remember to put your cake in the fridge so nothing melts before you eat it!

Hope you all enjoyed this and remember to tweet us your Halloween pictures! (@ellalucy1020)
Have a happy Halloween even though I will try to post tomorrow!


Pumpkins!- Halloween

Hey Guys!
So it's the eve of Halloween and I have just finished carving my pumpkin. It was a lot harder then I thought it would be but I guess it was still fun. Hopefully you can tell what it's meant to be but if you can't then it's meant to be a witch. Mine didn't look too good in the normal light but it looked way better in the dark with a candle! If your looking for inspiration the best thing I would say to do is google "Pumpkin designs" and choose one. This was my first time and I definitely would say that I went for something to complicated so if it is your first time then I wouldn't do something too complex. Also give your self a lot of room and a lot of time!
Tomorrow I have a party and football training so if you don't hear from me before I hope you all have a lovely Halloween and have a nice time whatever your doing. (I'm going trick or treating and then I'm having a mini party with my close family friends)
                                        Hope you guys enjoyed!
P.s. What are you doing for Halloween?

Autumn Eye Look!-Beauty

Hey Guys!
So today I just wanted to show you what I've been putting on my eyes recently. I don't usually bother with eye shadow but I thought I would try it and seeing as I'm on half term I thought I would. I'm using the Naked Pallete 2 which is from Urban Decay but I know that there are very similar pallets with the same shades as these which are super cheap and just as good! Also this is a really easy and simple look and subtle but not to subtle so it's really nice and not to over the top! So first I just put YDK all over my eyelid (This is the top eye shadow) I just make sure that it's even and that you haven't missed any places out. The I get a little bit of Half Baked onto the brush and put in the inner corner of my eyes. (Bottom eye shadow) You don't want too much of this one as it's quite a light colour but it really helps to make your eyes stand out!
Hope you guys enjoyed!
I've got another blog hopefully coming today!
Please comment if you found this useful or if you try this look!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Cafe Ceramica!-Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

Today me and Lucy went to Cafe Ceramica with our families. We usually go there in the holidays just to meet up anyway so it has kind of become a tradition! We really enjoy going there as it's a great idea and the end result is always good. So what you do is you get the choice of what you want to paint. For example plates or cups or mini figurines. Me and Lucy both chose plates because they are the easiest usually! Btw Ella is writing this but Lucy is helping me. So on my plate I did a reindeer with "Merry Christmas" on it and it made me really excited for Christmas. The thing  with this is that once you've painted it, it has to go through something else which protects it and gives it a nice shine. So you have to collect a few days after. Anyway Lucy did one which said "Ho Ho Ho" with holly leaves. They were both quite easy designs and we can't wait to show them to you! Hopefully you can use these and maybe do something similar!
We will hopefully have the plates in a few days so you will see the end product then!
                                                We hope you enjoyed!
                                                                       Ella & Lucy

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Daily blog!- The best autumn nail colour!

Hey guys!
Quick blog from me today! So this morning me and my mum went to her gym and afterwards we got a Costa. I got a Mocha Coffee cooler and it was so nice! Jut wanted to show you the colour on my nails because I absolutely love it. It's by Essie as you can see and it's called "In stitches". To me it's the perfect autumn colour. I got it from boots if you were wondering.
Sorry this blog is so short but I'm meeting my friend soon to go to the cinema and then to have a sleepover but tomorrow I should have a Halloweeny blog for you guys!

                               See you soon!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween makeup look- Cat

Hello Everyone!

I know I uploaded quite recently but I want to try and get as many posts as possible up during half-term! Today I'm going to be talking through how I would do my make up as a cat for Halloween! I love this look and think you can really experiment with different shades on the eyes! I am by all means no expert in make up or explaining how to do it so I just hope this all makes sense! Sorry if the way I do things is not the way you would do things because everyone does things differently! This is just my way that I want to share with you.

First of all I would do my normal make up routine however with nothing on the eyes or lips. I try to not apply as much bronzer or blusher as I think this adds to the Halloweeny look. When I'm done I begin on the nose. Some people like to keep the nose normal or circular. This is fine however I like to go into a bit more detail and draw an outline first. The shape of the nose is entirely up to you but I  just blacken the whole bottom quarter of the nose with a slightly curved line at the top of the blackened area. There are many YouTube tutorials on how to do this if you are still unsure. To fill in the nose some people use face paint on a sponge however I have a face paint pencil. I feel this just helps me have more precision and stays on longer. I like to then set this with a bit of black eye shadow. Next to the nose, as shown on the picture, I just draw three or four dots either side of my nostrils. I use the same face paint pencil to do this but an eye pencil would be fine too.

I think the main part of this cat look comes from the whiskers. Leave a small gap from the dot by your nose and then just draw a slightly curved or straight line until it is in line with the middle of your cheekbone. Repeat this for all dots by the nose until your have 6 or 8 whiskers altogether.

To begin on the lips, you want to draw a line from in between your nostrils on the bottom of your nose, to the cupid's bow at the middle of your top lip. At the moment, I don't have a black lipstick so I am using my trusty face paint pencil! I do recommend the MAC lipsticks as they stay on well and give a really nice finish. You only want to fill in your top lip though leaving the bottom one normal
colour. I recommend putting a bit of plain lip balm on the bottom lip to make sure it is still moisturised!

Now on to my favourite part, the eyes! For this I feel you can either go really smoky with dramatic lashes and a cat flick or you can keep it quite neat. Personally, I prefer the dramatic eye look so I'm going to go all out! To begin, I prime my eye lids. I think any primer works really and don't have a particular favourite at the moment. Next I apply a light grey shade all over my eyelids as a base. I then take a darker grey but not quite black and apply that in the crease and a bit on the main eyelid. Finally I take a black and blend it right into the crease. I like to take a small fluffy brush at this point and just blend all the colours together. Next I do eyeliner. Liquid liner is perfect for this look and I would run a lick line across the lash line with a flick at the end that just lines up with the bottom lashes. However, I am very clumsy and messy with make up so I am much safer off with a pencil. I just do the same thick line and flick it just takes a little longer. I now move on to the bottom lash line. I definitely recommend a pencil for this as I just find it a lot easier. I just draw a medium sized line from the inner corner of my eye right to the beginning of the flick. I then take the pencil further on into the flick to make sure it all fits and blends in well. I like to take the other end of my pencil and just smudge all of it out as I much prefer the messy, smudged look. To finish off I would apply a few coats of mascara. Some people may opt for fake lashes as well but as I am terrible at applying them and then rub my eyes so they fall off, I'm just using mascara. The mascara I use at the moment tis the No.7 intense volume mascara but my favourite is definitely  the benefits roller lash. Both look amazing and you can use whatever mascara suits you the best.

And your done! I hope this helps some of you in any way and ill be back with another blog soon! Love you all and even if you just read one post it makes all the difference! Bye!


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lifestyle- Books!

Hi guys!

So I am finally back to blogging and I couldn't be more happy! For anyone who didn't see my tweet (@ellalucy1020) the reason I wasn't able to blog was the website broke and wouldn't load! Today I'm just going to talk about my favourite books! I have a lot because I love reading so I have mostly kept to you tubers and a few others!

To start off with, Girl Online and Girl Online on tour! These are Zoella's tow books. I only got number 2, the purple one, the other day but I only put it down two eat it was amazing! I think book 2 had a lot of great expectations because of how good number 1 was and if you were wondering whether or not o but it I definitely recommend it! Its just as good as number 1 if not better! They are about the journey of  British blogger, Penny Porter AKA Girl Online!

Next I want to talk about another kind of new book b y Dan and Phil! When this book was first announced, I wasn't going to buy it as I didn't really watch Dan and Phil that much but when I decided to watch a video of theirs I was glued and now I love them and make sure I never miss a video! The amazing book is not on fire is brilliant! For any Dan and Phil fans it is like a holy grail! Like Girl Online, I couldn't put it down! I highly recommend buying it if you watch Dan and Phil!

Alfie Deyes next! The pointless book 1 and 2 are a bit like wreck this journal! I love them though as they are more YouTube based and a great activity to do in spare time! Along with each book come an app that allows you to scan certain pages in order to get more out of the book such as extra videos! They are little activity books and I just love them! Alfie is writing a new book at the moment which in so excited for even though it isn't a pointless book 3!

Username:Evie is a graphic novel by Joe Sugg, Thatcher Joe. At first I wasn't sure about it because I do love Joe but I am not always that keen on a comic like book. However, I flicked through it in the shop and it looked good so ii brought it. When I read it, it was amazing as it wasn't all boyish and comicy it was just like a book with a lot of pictures! I love the character and the storyline so I know if any of you buy it you should love it just as much!

Now these books are kind of older but I still love them! Love Tanya and Hello Life are By Tanya Burr (Chapman) and Marcus Butler. These are two you tubers that I'm not subscribed too but kind of watch when I feel like it. II do really love their videos though! I feel both the books really reflect their personality's and I love the content of both of them! I also love the covers of these books and think they are good value for money! Both book have kind of categorised parts where they talk about various parts of life. I won't say too much about the books as I don't want to spoil it but over all I think they are both must haves and I think everyone will love them!

Last but not least is Louise's 2016 diary. I know this isn't really a 'book' and she does have a book but I love that the diary has one page for recording your events and one page of either a quote or something so inspire you and make you happy! I like this because I feel a lot of people sometimes do feel a bit grotty and down in the mornings or whenever and this can be a real boost.

I do love lost of other books especially the Harry Potter series but I wanted to keep this just to my you tube books. If you want me to do another post in the future talking through other books that I love then please comment below! Love you all and can't wait for Halloween!! Will do a Halloween post soon so get ready with your cat ears and pumpkins for that!


Daily blog- Walk in the park and Zoella's new book review!

Hey Guys,

So I don't know if you guys know but England are on there half term now so basically a one week holiday. I thought that I would try and upload a lot more because I obviously have the time term so I hope you guys enjoy. Also going to try and get an October favourites out soon! 

So today I went for a walk in the park by me and then we went and got lunch from the bistro in the park. It was a really lovely day for it and the food was delicious. But I didn't really want to talk about that. If any of you are fans of Zoella then you will know that her new book Girl Online On Tour came out the other day. I got it the second day it was out and didn't stop reading it. The story line was amazing and it filled me with happiness and made me cry at the same time. I just can't express how amazing it was! 

Few quick updates: Please let us know if you want to see anything particular on the blog and all feedback is appreciated. Also I believe that Lucy is having trouble with getting the blog to work but I think that it is fixed now so you should see a post from her soon!

Remember you can find us on twitter for blog updates! @Ellaandlucy
If you do read our blogs then please comment because right now we are starting out so wer are just wondering who is reading. Thank you!


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Halloween Cupcakes!- Food

Hey guys!
So at the weekend me and my brother made some Halloween themed cupcakes. Personally I think they turned out really well.( Which is always a good thing!) I would really recommend these cupcakes for Halloween parties as they just look amazing! The recipe is super easy so if your wanting the recipe, keep reading! The main flavour is lemon but it also has a sprinkle of cinnamon. In fact I'm sitting here writing this now eating one of the cupcakes!

Halloween Cupcakes Recipe: (This recipe is from the book "1000 cupcakes recipes")

You will need:
110g of self raising flour, sifted
110g caster sugar
110g butter
2 Eggs
1 lemon, juiced and  zest

220g ready to roll fondant icing
orange and green food colouring
100g butter softened
200g cups icing sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

First you need to preheat your oven to 190c and line a cupcake tin with 12 cases.

Add your flour, sugar, butter, eggs and lemon juice and zest and whisk together till it blends together.

Divide between the cases and and bake for 15-20 minutes. Once out of the oven leave them to cool.

Keep a bit of your icing for the stalks of the pumpkins and then dye the rest of your fondant icing orange.

 Divide your icing in to 12 pieces and roll into 12 balls.

Then I got the back of a knife and just put it in to the icing both ways to make room for the stalk of the pumpkin to go on to.

Then dye the rest of your left over icing and dye it green. Roll the icing into cones and put on to the top of the pumpkins by dipping the icing in to water.

Then beat your butter in a smaller bowl and then whisk in your sugar and lemon juice.

Spoon  half of your mixture into a piping bag and pipe a circular kind of blob onto the centre of the cake. Leave yourself a fair amount left over for the next part.

You need to dye the rest of your buttercream orange and then pipe that around the sided of the cake in the shape of teardrops as shown on my cake above. It's hard to explain when writing this so if you are stuck then your best option is to look it up.

Once the icing is complete sprinkle a tiny amount of cinnamon on top of the icing in the center and then place your pumpkin on top of that!

Like I said super easy but it does take quite a long time depending on how quickly you work!
I got all the ingredients from Tesco if you didn't know where to find them.

                                                Please let me know in the comments if you tried these!
                                                          Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Night time routine! Lifestyle/ Beauty

Hey Guys!
I've decided to move the day I blog to Sunday so this will be the last time uploading on a Monday. Sorry for no blog last week! I've got a few quick updates. So me and Lucy went to Alton Towers yesterday so she might do a blog on that, but we now have a twitter account! Our name is ellalucy1020 so go follow us on that!

Anyway on with the blog. I thought that I would show you my night time routine. So firstly I pack my bag for the next day. This includes homework, books and pencil case. (I do this the night before so I'm not rushing in the morning).
Then I get changed into my Pj's as it makes me feel really relaxed. Then I do all the usual brushing teeth etc. I then take off my makeup. For this I use simple (kind to eyes) to take off my eye makeup. I then use your everyday face wipes to take off my foundation OR I would use my Garnier Micellar water. I usually would put this on to cotton pads and the same with my eye makeup remover. Recently I have started using a moisturizer to put on whilst I sleep because my parents visited Iceland and brought it me back! I actually really like using moisturizer before I go to sleep as it is really soothing.

Then I set my alarm and get into bed and catch up on all my favourite youtubers on my Ipad!

Hope you guys enjoyed todays blog!