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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Revision tips and tricks! |Ella&Lucy

Revision tips and tricks!
Hey guys,
So it's the time of the month when exams are coming round quickly. All of your teachers are giving you revision to do. So how do you even get started? If you struggle at revising, like I do, then carry on reading for a few tips on how to do it! Btw- these are just the things I do to revise! You don't need to do these things if you don't want to!

So, to start with I just try and find a really quite room where I can think. I can't ever revise if i'm getting distracted constantly. I always have a drink with me when i'm revising and I try to keep my phone away from me at a distance.

Have breaks when you get bored! I always tend to get bored when i'm revising and I feel like I start to lose concentration. When this happens I go and talk to someone in my family or just check up on my phone.

Now onto the methods of revising.

Notebook! I bought a brand new notebook which I do all of my revision in. I basically go through all of my notes in my school books and rewrite them into my notebook. I feel like this is a really good way to re-jog your memory. Once I've made the notes I like to go over and re-read everything whilst highlighting key points. I got my notebook for a really cheap price at Tesco!

Highlighters! You can't go wrong with highlighters as they make your work look pretty and also help you to remember at the same time! I got my set again from Tesco.

Red pen- When I'm revising I don't know why but I always write down everything in red pen. It just makes everything so much clearer and interesting to read than dull black.

Post-it notes! Post-it notes are such a good way to remember things and to organise things. I usually use mine to write down French words that I need to remember or I write down every exam coming up and on my week planner on my wall (you could use a calendar) just stick them to the days that you are taking the exam. Also I don't know if you can see in the picture, but with the smaller weird shaped post-it notes, I put them into my notebook which separates the different notes on different subject. Obviously you can get post-it notes from anywhere but I got mine in a cute black box with all these different colours and I think that I got  it from Rymans.

Flash cards! I always heard people talking about flashcards but I'd never actually used them myself but I'm so glad that I did start using them. I write down key terms on them and then on the back I write down the meaning or the answer. I also found this a really good way to remember things. You can also make them as pretty as you want them to look. I got my set in different colours from Tesco but I know that you can also get them in plain.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I hope that this helps you out in some way. If you are doing exams at the moment I wish you the best of luck!
Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Baking Zoella Oreo Cookies! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

This week, I baked some of the gooey Oreo cookies off Zoella's blog! They tasted amazing and were gone in a matter of days! I wanted to share the method and recipe on here even though you can find it on Zoe's blog (I will link it art the bottom!)

  • 200g plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 50g light brown sugar
  • 100g white sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 50g chocolate chips
  • 1 UK pack of Oreos or 14 Oreos
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
(All ingredients can be found in cup measurements on Zoe's blog!)

Preheat your oven to 180oC.

Beat the sugar into the butter carefully until fully mixed.

Add the egg and the vanilla extract but be careful not to over mix.

Crush the Oreos. I put them in a bag and smash them with a rolling pin because its more fun but you can cut them up if you want to. Don't add them just yet though!

Add the flour and mix well but not too much.

Finally, add your chocolate chips and Oreos! Mix well but make sure the mixture stays light and fluffy!

Form small golf ball sized balls and put on a lined baking tray! Make sure you leave room for them to spread slightly otherwise they will all join together!

Bake for 9-11 mins at 180oC until golden brown and then leave to cool on a cooling rack!

When they are cool, you can eat them! (that's if you managed to wait!)
I ate my cookies whist watching a film but they are perfect for a night in or in your lunch or anytime! I hope you enjoy the cookies and let me know on here or twitter (@ellalucy1020) if you make them! I made about 27 and they didn't last very long because I think they taste amazing! Love you all and will blog again soon!


Here is Zoe's blog link and the post link!:

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Fradley Junction Walk | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!
Recently, I went on a walk with my family at Fradley Junction. Despite the cold weather, it was really nice and fun! There's not really much to put in a blog but I thought I'd share some of the pictures with you! Hope you like them and will blog soon!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Beauty favourites/What I got for christmas! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

This week's blog is basically a favourites blog mixed with a what I got for christmas 2015 blog! I wanted to do a kind of random favourites in the middle of the month but a lot of the stuff are things I got for christmas anyway!

First I want to talk about a candle I got! The candle is by Vanilla & Tonka and it is just a vanilla scented candle but it smells amazing and came in a pack of four minis so I get multiple of them which is a bonus! Next is peanut m&m's! Lots of people don't like these especially if you are allergic to nuts but I love them! For me, they are the perfect snack whilst doing homework or anytime really! Another thing that I got for christmas was the Divergent series! I had asked for these books and love them so much I literally couldn't put it down. If you are looking for something to read I highly recommend these. The last thing I got for christmas is the benefit 'Feelin Dandy' pallet. I love benefit cosmetics and this pallet is not an exception! Inside is a gorgeous blush with a travel sized brush, a lip gloss, a liquid highlighter and a lip & cheek stain. All products are amazing but I think my favourite is the blush or the lip gloss which both look amazing. I feel they would compliment any skin type.

Now on to the things I didn't get for christmas! First is a No7 high shine lip gloss. I think I may have mentioned this before but it came in a gift set from boots. This lip gloss is a lovely pink colour but isn't too pigmented. I like this because it means it is perfect for school and a night out. Next is the Too Faced beauty balm. This bb cream is quite expensive but looks amazing on your skin! I have started using it instead of a foundation because it works just as well and is better for my skin. You can build the colour or have a fine coat and both leave an amazing finish. I highly recommend it! Another thing I got myself is the Balance Me congested skin serum. This works wonders on my skin as it is natural so it doesn't just dry your spots it actually gets rid of them. I put this serum on before bed just rubbing it on the areas where I may be having a spotty crisis! Finally is the Next Just Pink perfume. I think this is quite an old perfume and I have had it for a while but I am using it more at the moment and love it so much! I really hope you can still buy it so I can get some more when this runs out!

By the way, all of the Zoella products that I got for Christmas would be in this blog but I thought that would make it a bit too long! Basically, I love them all! :-)

That's it for these favourites! Hope you enjoyed and let me know any things you got for christmas!
Will blog again soon!


Monday, 4 January 2016

Zoella Awesome Drawsome! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

So today I wanted to talk about the Zoella Awesome Drawsome! I got this for christmas and honestly I love it sooo much! All the products are such good quality and I started using them straight away. I can't really remember which draws all the products were in as I have removed the packaging but I'm just going to talk about what's inside!

First of all you get a pastel pink shower lily. I haven't actually used this yet but it is a lovey colour and looks very cute! Another  thing that isn't really a product you can put on your body is the little make-up bag/coin purse. It has pink, peach and mint green spots on and I says "too cute!" on it. I love the design of the bag and it is perfect for school, home and travel.

Now onto actual body products! First I want to talk about the butter me up body butter. The packaging on this is so cute and it is a lovely, thicker alternative from the body lotions in the previous two ranges. Next is the mini fizz bars! As I am a big fan of the original fizz bars these two minis are gems! The packaging is adorable and they are perfect travel size. I also love that you get two of the set of three not just one! The 'Flowers And Showers' shower gel is another new product that I cant wait to try!  Again the packaging is gorgeous and it is a suitable size. I love the name of the product as well and just think its amazing! Now onto the 'Soak Opera' bath soak and shower cream. I am using this at the moment and it is brilliant! My bath always now smells amazing as I put this in whilst its running and then you can also use it whilst you are in the bath on your body. Overall, I think this is a great product and a lovely addition to the drawers. Finally, there is the 'Creamy Madly Dreamy' Body lotion. This isn't a new product but it still has the same dreamy scent and is perfect travel size. I think that this product really can top off a perfect paper evening!

So that's everything that you get in the drawers! I love everything in there and highly recommend you get it! Will blog again soon! Love you all!


Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Years Resolutions! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year! 2015 has been amazing and I am so excited for 2016. Today I thought I would talk about my 3 new years resolutions. I am going to try to stick to them this year so I can look back in 2017 and be pleased!

Number 1 is have a healthy lifestyle. To me this isn't just eating healthy food. I want to do more exercise and drink more water as well. I think I just lazy around a bit too much and want that to change. To be honest I know I will struggle sticking with this but I'm going to try!

Number 2 is to tidy up more. I am one of those people who waits until their room is so messy and so un-tidy before actually tidying. The tidying part ends up taking about 2 days and half of it is not even really proper tidying.  I think that doing small, frequent bits of tidying is better than a huge tidy once a month. I will still do big tidy ups but they will hopefully be easier! (I said tidy ALOT then!!)

And finally, number three, to take opportunities. I think taking the simpler, easier option is okay but you could be missing out on lots of things. Trying something new is always good because if it doesn't really turn out to be your thing it doesn't matter.

I know this has been a short blog but I didn't want to ramble! Hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to 2016! Tweet us (@ellalucy1020) or comment below your new years resolutions! Will blog soon!