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Friday, 30 October 2015

Autumn Eye Look!-Beauty

Hey Guys!
So today I just wanted to show you what I've been putting on my eyes recently. I don't usually bother with eye shadow but I thought I would try it and seeing as I'm on half term I thought I would. I'm using the Naked Pallete 2 which is from Urban Decay but I know that there are very similar pallets with the same shades as these which are super cheap and just as good! Also this is a really easy and simple look and subtle but not to subtle so it's really nice and not to over the top! So first I just put YDK all over my eyelid (This is the top eye shadow) I just make sure that it's even and that you haven't missed any places out. The I get a little bit of Half Baked onto the brush and put in the inner corner of my eyes. (Bottom eye shadow) You don't want too much of this one as it's quite a light colour but it really helps to make your eyes stand out!
Hope you guys enjoyed!
I've got another blog hopefully coming today!
Please comment if you found this useful or if you try this look!

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