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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lifestyle- Books!

Hi guys!

So I am finally back to blogging and I couldn't be more happy! For anyone who didn't see my tweet (@ellalucy1020) the reason I wasn't able to blog was the website broke and wouldn't load! Today I'm just going to talk about my favourite books! I have a lot because I love reading so I have mostly kept to you tubers and a few others!

To start off with, Girl Online and Girl Online on tour! These are Zoella's tow books. I only got number 2, the purple one, the other day but I only put it down two eat it was amazing! I think book 2 had a lot of great expectations because of how good number 1 was and if you were wondering whether or not o but it I definitely recommend it! Its just as good as number 1 if not better! They are about the journey of  British blogger, Penny Porter AKA Girl Online!

Next I want to talk about another kind of new book b y Dan and Phil! When this book was first announced, I wasn't going to buy it as I didn't really watch Dan and Phil that much but when I decided to watch a video of theirs I was glued and now I love them and make sure I never miss a video! The amazing book is not on fire is brilliant! For any Dan and Phil fans it is like a holy grail! Like Girl Online, I couldn't put it down! I highly recommend buying it if you watch Dan and Phil!

Alfie Deyes next! The pointless book 1 and 2 are a bit like wreck this journal! I love them though as they are more YouTube based and a great activity to do in spare time! Along with each book come an app that allows you to scan certain pages in order to get more out of the book such as extra videos! They are little activity books and I just love them! Alfie is writing a new book at the moment which in so excited for even though it isn't a pointless book 3!

Username:Evie is a graphic novel by Joe Sugg, Thatcher Joe. At first I wasn't sure about it because I do love Joe but I am not always that keen on a comic like book. However, I flicked through it in the shop and it looked good so ii brought it. When I read it, it was amazing as it wasn't all boyish and comicy it was just like a book with a lot of pictures! I love the character and the storyline so I know if any of you buy it you should love it just as much!

Now these books are kind of older but I still love them! Love Tanya and Hello Life are By Tanya Burr (Chapman) and Marcus Butler. These are two you tubers that I'm not subscribed too but kind of watch when I feel like it. II do really love their videos though! I feel both the books really reflect their personality's and I love the content of both of them! I also love the covers of these books and think they are good value for money! Both book have kind of categorised parts where they talk about various parts of life. I won't say too much about the books as I don't want to spoil it but over all I think they are both must haves and I think everyone will love them!

Last but not least is Louise's 2016 diary. I know this isn't really a 'book' and she does have a book but I love that the diary has one page for recording your events and one page of either a quote or something so inspire you and make you happy! I like this because I feel a lot of people sometimes do feel a bit grotty and down in the mornings or whenever and this can be a real boost.

I do love lost of other books especially the Harry Potter series but I wanted to keep this just to my you tube books. If you want me to do another post in the future talking through other books that I love then please comment below! Love you all and can't wait for Halloween!! Will do a Halloween post soon so get ready with your cat ears and pumpkins for that!


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