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Monday, 12 October 2015

Night time routine! Lifestyle/ Beauty

Hey Guys!
I've decided to move the day I blog to Sunday so this will be the last time uploading on a Monday. Sorry for no blog last week! I've got a few quick updates. So me and Lucy went to Alton Towers yesterday so she might do a blog on that, but we now have a twitter account! Our name is ellalucy1020 so go follow us on that!

Anyway on with the blog. I thought that I would show you my night time routine. So firstly I pack my bag for the next day. This includes homework, books and pencil case. (I do this the night before so I'm not rushing in the morning).
Then I get changed into my Pj's as it makes me feel really relaxed. Then I do all the usual brushing teeth etc. I then take off my makeup. For this I use simple (kind to eyes) to take off my eye makeup. I then use your everyday face wipes to take off my foundation OR I would use my Garnier Micellar water. I usually would put this on to cotton pads and the same with my eye makeup remover. Recently I have started using a moisturizer to put on whilst I sleep because my parents visited Iceland and brought it me back! I actually really like using moisturizer before I go to sleep as it is really soothing.

Then I set my alarm and get into bed and catch up on all my favourite youtubers on my Ipad!

Hope you guys enjoyed todays blog!

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