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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Cafe Ceramica!-Lifestyle

Hey Guys,

Today me and Lucy went to Cafe Ceramica with our families. We usually go there in the holidays just to meet up anyway so it has kind of become a tradition! We really enjoy going there as it's a great idea and the end result is always good. So what you do is you get the choice of what you want to paint. For example plates or cups or mini figurines. Me and Lucy both chose plates because they are the easiest usually! Btw Ella is writing this but Lucy is helping me. So on my plate I did a reindeer with "Merry Christmas" on it and it made me really excited for Christmas. The thing  with this is that once you've painted it, it has to go through something else which protects it and gives it a nice shine. So you have to collect a few days after. Anyway Lucy did one which said "Ho Ho Ho" with holly leaves. They were both quite easy designs and we can't wait to show them to you! Hopefully you can use these and maybe do something similar!
We will hopefully have the plates in a few days so you will see the end product then!
                                                We hope you enjoyed!
                                                                       Ella & Lucy

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