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Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween makeup look- Cat

Hello Everyone!

I know I uploaded quite recently but I want to try and get as many posts as possible up during half-term! Today I'm going to be talking through how I would do my make up as a cat for Halloween! I love this look and think you can really experiment with different shades on the eyes! I am by all means no expert in make up or explaining how to do it so I just hope this all makes sense! Sorry if the way I do things is not the way you would do things because everyone does things differently! This is just my way that I want to share with you.

First of all I would do my normal make up routine however with nothing on the eyes or lips. I try to not apply as much bronzer or blusher as I think this adds to the Halloweeny look. When I'm done I begin on the nose. Some people like to keep the nose normal or circular. This is fine however I like to go into a bit more detail and draw an outline first. The shape of the nose is entirely up to you but I  just blacken the whole bottom quarter of the nose with a slightly curved line at the top of the blackened area. There are many YouTube tutorials on how to do this if you are still unsure. To fill in the nose some people use face paint on a sponge however I have a face paint pencil. I feel this just helps me have more precision and stays on longer. I like to then set this with a bit of black eye shadow. Next to the nose, as shown on the picture, I just draw three or four dots either side of my nostrils. I use the same face paint pencil to do this but an eye pencil would be fine too.

I think the main part of this cat look comes from the whiskers. Leave a small gap from the dot by your nose and then just draw a slightly curved or straight line until it is in line with the middle of your cheekbone. Repeat this for all dots by the nose until your have 6 or 8 whiskers altogether.

To begin on the lips, you want to draw a line from in between your nostrils on the bottom of your nose, to the cupid's bow at the middle of your top lip. At the moment, I don't have a black lipstick so I am using my trusty face paint pencil! I do recommend the MAC lipsticks as they stay on well and give a really nice finish. You only want to fill in your top lip though leaving the bottom one normal
colour. I recommend putting a bit of plain lip balm on the bottom lip to make sure it is still moisturised!

Now on to my favourite part, the eyes! For this I feel you can either go really smoky with dramatic lashes and a cat flick or you can keep it quite neat. Personally, I prefer the dramatic eye look so I'm going to go all out! To begin, I prime my eye lids. I think any primer works really and don't have a particular favourite at the moment. Next I apply a light grey shade all over my eyelids as a base. I then take a darker grey but not quite black and apply that in the crease and a bit on the main eyelid. Finally I take a black and blend it right into the crease. I like to take a small fluffy brush at this point and just blend all the colours together. Next I do eyeliner. Liquid liner is perfect for this look and I would run a lick line across the lash line with a flick at the end that just lines up with the bottom lashes. However, I am very clumsy and messy with make up so I am much safer off with a pencil. I just do the same thick line and flick it just takes a little longer. I now move on to the bottom lash line. I definitely recommend a pencil for this as I just find it a lot easier. I just draw a medium sized line from the inner corner of my eye right to the beginning of the flick. I then take the pencil further on into the flick to make sure it all fits and blends in well. I like to take the other end of my pencil and just smudge all of it out as I much prefer the messy, smudged look. To finish off I would apply a few coats of mascara. Some people may opt for fake lashes as well but as I am terrible at applying them and then rub my eyes so they fall off, I'm just using mascara. The mascara I use at the moment tis the No.7 intense volume mascara but my favourite is definitely  the benefits roller lash. Both look amazing and you can use whatever mascara suits you the best.

And your done! I hope this helps some of you in any way and ill be back with another blog soon! Love you all and even if you just read one post it makes all the difference! Bye!


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