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Friday, 11 March 2016

Simple Skincare Review! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

So I know I have recently done a post about the Balance Me skincare but I brought loads of Simple products that I am very pleased with so wanted to share them with you too. At least you will have more than one recommendation to get your skin looking amazing!

First of all, I want to talk about the 'Kind to skin, moisturising facial wash'. I had heard a lot of people recommend this and so wanted to try it out for myself! So far, it is working well and has really helped clear my skin and help with redness. Of course I have to use it for a bit longer to see full results but I'm sure that I wont be disappointed!

Next is the 'Kind to skin, smoothing facial scrub'. I love scrubs and find they really help sooth and smooth your skin. This is no exception! I use this once and week and my skin has been looking and feeling so much more healthy and alive. It isn't a hard rough scrub but you can still tell its doing something when you put it on which I like!

Now onto the 'Rapid action, spot zapper'. By the name of this product, it sounded quite extreme and harsh so I didn't really know whether it would be for me but I was so wrong! I love this product and it is a great cheaper alternative from the Balance Me serum if you don't want to spend as much. It isn't harsh at all and is just a smooth clear skin serum that I find helps minimise my collection of spots! It comes out in a kind of roller ball way like a roll on deodorant but smaller! I love this because it means you just roll it onto your fingers or straight on your face and so don't have to worry about putting too much on. (A very frequent problem of mine!)

Finally, I have the 'Kind to eyes, eye make up remover'. I know I've mentioned this product before but for those of you who don't know, I use this (along with a cotton wool pad of course!) to remove all of my make up. Yes, I know I says eyes at least two times on the bottle but I just find it doesn't dry out my skin and works fine for me as an all over cleanser. Plus I love the fact that it is a water cleaner and not gel which tends to make my face feel a bit more sticky! Overall, I love this product and it never disappoints!

Hope you all enjoyed this little skincare chat/review and will try some of these products out yourself! Be sure to let me know on twitter (@ellalucy1020) what you think of them! Will blog again soon!!


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