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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

Happy Easter! I hope you all are having a wonderful time wherever you are and whether you celebrate Easter or not! This will be quite a short blog but I just want to talk about some fun things you could get up to today or in the holidays for Easter.

First of all is Easter baking! I love Easter baking and my favourite thing to make is good old Easter nests! These are such a classic at Easter and they are super simple. They are perfect for all ages and there is no oven cooking needed! There are loads of videos online on how to make these so you can just search it on YouTube or Google. Also, you don't have to put mini eggs in the middle if you don't want to, I have made some with Galaxy Golden Eggs (which I am obsessed with!) and they were just as amazing! Of course there are many other Easter bakes such as the ones shown in Zoella's new video. I will put a link to the video at the bottom of he post if you want to watch it to see some more yummy Easter treats!

Another great thing to do on in the Easter holidays is an egg hunt. I love egg hunts because they can be inside or outside and you can just find them as quick as possible or have clues! Also, you can really get creative and come up with a whole story to go along side the hunt. This can make it more exciting especially for younger children. I think writing the clues, if you have them, in Easter cards makes it more special and is just a bit different.

So those are my two favourite things to do in the Easter holidays or on Easter day itself. I hope you enjoyed this post and will do some of the activities yourself! If you do, be sure to send us pictures of them or just pictures of any interesting Easter activities you get up to! Love you all lots and will blog again soon! Bye!


Zoe's Easter baking video -

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