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Sunday, 7 February 2016

5 Things For A Rainy Day | Ella&Lucy


Hey Guys!

Today I thought I'd tell you about 5 things you could do on a rainy day. Of course there are more than  things to do but these are the ones I find most interesting. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing is to bake! I love baking as I think its just a really great way to calm down and have a bit of fun. I suggest maybe playing some music whilst you make because it can make it a lot more fun especially with friends! If you don't know what to bake, there are tonnes of cookbooks available and we have done a couple of cooking blogs previously like fun-fetti cupcakes and Oreo cookies if you want to check them out!

Next is to watch a movie! I find that getting your friends round and watching one or two movies (whilst you what you have baked!) can be very relaxing and fun. I recently watched Pirates Of The Caribbean- At Worlds End and I loved it! I highly recommend it. I also love The Hunger Games, Divergent and Harry Potter! (bit of a fangirl!)

The third thing is to play a game. Whether this is a board game, a card game or something like scene it on the TV it doesn't matter! Play with your family or friends and pick a game you all like! Make sure you have snacks around because everyone loves snacks and begin playing!

Another fun thing to do is just to be creative. I love colouring and would recommend the Harry Potter colouring book which I picked up a few days ago. I have done some of them and love it so much. Its such a great way to wind down.

The final thing is to have a pamper evening! There will probably be a blog soon on our typical pamper evenings but you can do what you like best it doesn't really matter.  I love lighting a candle as it really sets the mood!

That's all for this blog! Hope you all enjoyed and will blog again soon! Love you all!

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