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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Balance Me Skincare | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

Recently, I got given two samples of Balance Me skincare products. You may remember me briefly talking about it in a haul post I did a few weeks ago but now I have used it for longer, I have noticed a real difference in my skin that I want to share with you.

I got given two different samples. One was a serum and the other was a face wash. I use the serum juts at night and rub a small amount on any spotty areas of my skin or anywhere that is quite red. I put in on after  my moisturiser and let it soak in. In the morning, my skin feels cleaner, fresher and is clearer. It can come out the tube quite fast so make sure you put the right amount on not too much.

With the face wash, I put it on in the morning and at night to cleanse my face. This also has made a huge different to my skin and reducing my spots. Because it clears and prevents spots, I put this on all over my face but concentrating on spotty areas. Then I wash it off and dry my face. There is no fancy steps involved it is just like a normal face wash.

Both of these products were given to me by  lovely lady at the Too Faced counter in Debenhams. She specialised in skin care so I knew the products would be good and they are! They are completely natural and free of petroleum. Apparently, petroleum dries out your spots but doesn't completely get rid of them. This means they will come back quicker. These natural skin care products actually get rid of the congestion.

Basically, they're brilliant! I don't want to ramble on so I will end the post here! Hope you all enjoyed and let me know if you try these products out! Also, you can now subscribe to our blog on Bloglovin'! Click the black button at the top our blog that says +Bloglovin' to subscribe and be notified when we upload. Love you all and will blog again soon!


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