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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Food- Cake!

Hi guys!

I know we have done quite a few food related posts on this blog already but I found the design on this cake really cool and wanted to share with you how I did it!

Even though this recipe look like it would be quite complicated its actually quite easy. If you watch The Great British Bake Of then you will see that someone else made a cake like this. I don't know if she did it the same way or a different way but here goes.

You want to start off by making a normal sponge for a normal cake. You can use whichever recipe you like its up to you. Now as this cake is kind of like a Victoria sponge you are going to want to half the mixture into two cake tins. One of them is normal sponge however with the mixture left in the bowl, Stir in some coco-powder to make the other tin chocolate sponge. Bake them in the oven for about 15-20 minuets then check if they are done. If they are, leave them to cool, if they aren't, pit them in for another 5 minuets. What temperature you use depends on which type of oven you have. When the sponge has cooled take one of them out and put it on a wire rack. Now you are going to want to get something small and round. Put it in the middle of the cake and carefully cut around it. Next take something a bit bigger but not the size of the whole cake and cut around that. You should now have three sponge circles all the same width. Put these back in the tin or to one side and do the same thing with the same shapes on the other sponge. Finally, take the second piece or the middle sized piece of one and swap it with the other. You should have one cake that goes chocolate, normal, chocolate and one that goes normal, chocolate, normal. Now put jam (or any other filling) all over one side and sandwich it to the other. This will create a chequered pattern when you cut in to the cake.

Now for the icing. You can either use brought icing/buttercream from Tesco's or make your own with melted chocolate and double cream. However if you make your own icing you will need to leaving in the fridge for an hour before using. When you put the icing on the cake MAKE SURE IT IS COOL! If it isn't it will all melt. With decorations you can go crazy with sprinkles or keep it simple! Its up to you!

I'd love to see any of you make this so if you do take picture and tweet to us @ellalucy1020 ! Follow us if you want to know more about when we upload! Hope you enjoyed!


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