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Monday, 28 September 2015

Favorites- Lifestyle/Beauty

Hey guys!
I didn't want this blog to be too long because I know they can sometimes be boring.
Today I thought I would do a favourites video as it's nearing the end of the month.

First up I have the book called "All about pumpkin". I was brought this by my mum and read it recently. It's a really nice book about a holiday and meeting new people and adventuring. It has some really cool plot twists and is actually quite funny. Good read.

Next up I have the "Sweet vanilla and coconut" candle. I think this is an amazing smelling candle. I would say that you could burn it all year round. I got this from primark and have a back up ready to go! It's really cheap and I would really recommend it. Cool packaging as well.

Next we have a water bottle. This is kind of a random one but I bought it for back to school and I love it. I haven't stopped using it. I bought this at new look.

Now we have a body moisturizer. I bought this because I had seen the advert and liked the way it worked. It's actually really handy and the smell is great. Exactly what I expected and I'm getting through it quickly. I bought this at boots but you can get it from most shops which do that type of thing.

Next a Ted Baker body wash. IN LOVE with the smell it's just amazing. It's a really summery smell and unlike some body washes you can still smell it when you get out of the shower. I got this as a present but I would definitely recommend it!

Lastly is a Hollister Body spray in Vista Cove. Again this is a summery smell but I think that's what I like about. Some Hollister scents are really strong but I think this one hits the spot. It's a bit pricey but I got it as a present which I chose myself.

Anyway hope you enjoyed and that this gave you some tips!


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