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Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter Essentials | Ella & Lucy

Hey guys!
Today I thought I would do a blog on winter essentials!
So firstly I'll do the cosmetic side of it. Dark Lipstick. You can't not have a Red lipstick, I just find that it is so festive and goes really well with the seasonal colours. Along with red lipstick, red nail varnish. Again it goes really well at this time of year although red is one of them colours you can wear anytime of the year but anyway. Moisturizer, the cold for me really affects my skin and makes it go really dry so moisturizer is a must. That goes for face moisturizer and lip moisturizer. I find that Carmex is a really good lip moisturizer and you can actually feel it having an effect so I would definitely recommend it.
Ok so now onto the other stuff. Fluffy socks! My feet got really cold in the winter as do many peoples I guess but fluffy socks are amazing to me. There just a really nice item to keep warm so I'd say that they are a must have. Then you've got your fluffy pajamas and onezies which you can't not have I guess. Then there is a bobble hat and scarf which is your classic cold weather items.
Finally on to the edible stuff! A box of heroes or quality street go down really well in my house plus it's chocolate so why not. Finally hot chocolate. Cadbury's drinking chocolate is definitely my favourite and it's just the perfect winter drink. I have mine with marshmallows and whipped cream which is delicious and hot chocolate is great on a cold evening under a blanket watching a Christmas movie! I'm loving Elf and Home Alone at the minute! What is your favourite christmas film?

Hope you guys enjoyed!
Did I tell you that I finished school last week for the Christmas holiday?
Lots of love