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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Drugstore makeup haul! | Ella & Lucy

Hey Guys!

The other day, I went shopping with my mum to get peoples christmas presents and see all the decorations! We went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester which is quite a way away from where I live but it was worth the journey.

First of all I went to boots. I went in there to get foundation and the soap and glory hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer wasn't there so I went to the No7 counter to get my foundation. This they did have and they also had an offer, if you spend a certain amount, you get a free gift bag. My mum brought an eye moisturizer and an eye shadow so we had enough money for the gift bag! The box was adorable, it is the pink and gold pyramid above. Inside I got an eye contour brush, a mascara I had been dying to try (No7 dramatic lift), an eye shadow (not sure which colour) and a cream blush (Pop and glow cream blush)! All of these products are amazing considering I got them for free and I love the foundation (essentially natural foundation in cool vanilla) so it was a very successful trip.

Next, I went to Superdrug to try and get some Tanya Burr products. Not only did they have lots of Tanya's products, they also had pretty much all of Zoella's products! As you can imagine, I was very excited but I had to restrain myself as they are all on my christmas list.  I ended up getting a Tanya Burr lip gloss called 'I Found Nemo' and her peachy glow cheek pallet. I was so excited to try both of these and so I tried them this morning. To say the least they are AMAZING and I would definitely recommend them. The lip gloss is a gorgeous peachy pink and the pallet really added a healthy glow to my face. My favourite thing bout the lip gloss is probably that even though it is quite pigmented, you can build the colour or lightly pat your lips to reduce it. I think its going to be perfect for school.

The final place I went that I think is interesting was lush! I usually shop in Sutton which doesn't have a Lush and even though Birmingham does, finding myself doing an unexpected trip to Lush is exciting! There are two bath bombs I have particularly been wanting to get aside from christmas ones but I only got one. The two were called The Big Blue (I think) and Intergalactic. I went for intergalactic just because it drew my attention a bit more! I am yet to try it but it looks like a winner! It is a big blue ball with a pinky, glittery strip around the middle. I think it is meant to be a planet. It does smell quite strong but every Lush product seems to and I am more excited about the colour. I also had to stop myself from buying one of the present bundles for myself! They were so tempting!

Other than shopping for my family (which wasn't that interesting!)
 they were all the shops I went to! Hope you enjoyed and are having a great December. Will Blog again soon!


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