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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Gifts and Christmas tree | Ella & Lucy

Hey guys!
So today I wanted to show you some of the gifts I got for my friends! (Excluding Lucy's presents).
So firstly I got two of my really close friends a lip balm set and I know you can get a lot of lip balm sets but I thought this one sounded the nicest. I've already wrapped them so I can't quite remember exactly what they're called. (Whoops!) But it contains a vanilla scented one, a strawberry scented one and a mango scented one. I got this for £2.50 from Boots. Also because that present was quite small I got one them a box or bar of their favourite chocolate each. Then for another close friend I got a body butter winter set which had a "Candy Cane" scent and "Winter Spice" scent which I thought was really nice and perfect for a Christmas present. I think I got that for £3 in Tesco. Btw It might sound a bit cheap what I got my friends but it wasn't really about the price of it all, it was what I thought they would like. Then I got three friends who aren't as close to me a little box of minstrels. You can get these from a few shops and I got them for £1 pound each.
Then for just friends or people I talk to I gave them a card with a candy cane which I thought was quite a nice idea.
So this is my Christmas tree! I don't know about you guys but we only put ours up yesterday. A lot of people have a theme and we kind of do but then we have special baubles that take over a little bit. Our theme is gold and red! I think once you put up your Christmas tree you just know that Christmas isn't far away! Unless you put your decorations up in October!
 Anyway, I'm just about to start my last week of school before the holidays and I'm so excited!
 Hope you guys enjoyed!
Lots of love 

Ps. When do you break up for the Christmas holidays? 

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