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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Food- Fun-fetti cupcakes

Hey Guys!

A couple of weeks ago, we made fun-fetti cupcakes! They tasted amazing yet were so easy to make. Perfect for a party or just if you want to bake something a bit different.

The recipe was so simple. All you needed to bake just the cakes themselves was a simple sponge cake recipe. Many of these recipes can be found both online and in cookbooks but personally, my favourite one is from a cookbook called 'Perfect cupcakes, cookies and muffins!'. When you have made your cake mixture just sprinkle some brightly coloured sprinkles into the mixture. I like to use lots but its up to you. These sprinkles will melt when you cook them in the oven and when you bite into the finished cake, lots of coloured dots will appear. Its so simple and yet really effective!

Once you have spooned the mixture into the  cake cases and let them cook for 20-23 mins, you can make the butter icing whilst they are in the oven! You can either buy butter icing from the shops or make your own (recipes online). Wait for your cakes to completely cool and then pipe the butter icing on. Finish off with some more multi-coloured sprinkles and your cakes are complete.

Another way you can make these cakes, if you have access to YouTube, is by watching Zoella's fun-fetti cupcakes video. Her cakes turned out really well and the video is well worth watching!

Hope you enjoyed this post and will have fun making your cakes (if you choose to do so!). See you next week!


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